[7 of 8] Veteran Dubbing Director And Theater Actor "Papa" Neil Tolentino Passionately Welcomed VoiceWorx Batch 50 Into The World Of ADR Scriptwriting, Voice Acting, and Dubbing - The Best Filipino Motivational and Inspirational Speaker | The VoiceMaster of The Philippines

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

[7 of 8] Veteran Dubbing Director And Theater Actor "Papa" Neil Tolentino Passionately Welcomed VoiceWorx Batch 50 Into The World Of ADR Scriptwriting, Voice Acting, and Dubbing

As the VoiceWorx nears its final session, the Batch 50 students excitedly attended their session with veteran dubbing director, theater actor, and writer Papa Neil Tolentino last November 23, 2019.

Papa Neil observes his workshop exercise for VoiceWorx Batch 50

Papa Neil Tolentino is the genius behind classic Tagalized telenovelas, Koreanovelas, and animated series like Rubi, Daniel's Diary, Stained Glass, Lovers in Paris, Princess Lulu, Streetfighter, Gata Salvaje, and Dos Amores to name some. Indeed, these works speak for itself reflecting Papa Neil's expertise and excellence in his comprehensive experience.

The workshop session started with Papa Neil's short introduction to his background. He proudly shares his passion and love for theater and how it molded his career and character. 
Next, he told the students that his class would sound technical but encouraged them to ask questions as he discussed. 

He highlighted the importance of ADR Scriptwriting in the dubbing and voice acting industry. Skilled scriptwriters make sure that the directors would have minimal to no revisions at all so they can immediately proceed to the dubbing session.

Papa Neil with morning class of VoiceWorx Batch 50

Papa Neil recalled his first ADR scriptwriting experience with Danny "Ama" Mandia's instruction to "translate it beautifully and synched it". He emphasized that translation in ADR scriptwriting is not the literal word-by-word per se. The translation applies cultural adaptation and a context-based approach. He wrote down and explained the technical terms used in ADR Scriptwriting. 

Afterward, Papa Neil instructed his students to translate the English script in Filipino language using the guidelines he gave them. Them, he paired them to do the next workshop exercise. One will act out as the character on the monitor screen lip-synching the English script while the other will be the dubber to deliver their translated Filipino script.

He challenged them to deliver the lines with the appropriate intensity of emotions, proper enunciation and synching the lines to their partner. Papa Neil meticulously observed and gave feedback such as on how they can improve delivering their lines, avoiding unnecessary body movements while dubbing, and ensuring their emotions are aligned with the facial expressions of the characters on the screen. 

Papa Neil Tolentino with VoiceWorx Batch 50 afternoon class

The students tried their best while they're committing mistakes. After all, the veteran director told them this is the best time to explore so learning from their mistakes at this early stage is vital for their growth as aspiring voice artists.

Papa Neil didn't only teach them the skills in voice acting, dubbing, and ADR Scriptwriting, he also imparted significant life lessons for the VoiceWorx Batch 50: commitment to excellence, respecting people's time, professionalism, humility, determination, and gratitude to where you came.

The workshop ended for both the morning and afternoon classes of VoiceWorx Batch 50 on a celebratory mood. Papa Neil Tolentino motivated them to always do their best and go after the dreams of their heart. 

 Papa Neil Tolentino, VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales, and Voicever Flowers vlogger Kathleen Sone
with VoiceWorx Batch 50 afternoon class

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