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Friday, September 2, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Students and Teachers in Iloilo

On August 26, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales did back-to-back talks at the San Rafael National High School in Iloilo City.

As part of the Municipal Leadership Training for Student Leaders and Advisers, the VoiceMaster motivated hundreds of student leaders and teachers with his talk entitled “8 to be GREAT.” He started by sharing what he is doing primarily with his voice – as a voice artist, voice director, youth advocate, motivational speaker, and a whole lot more. He also shared about Dr. Jose Rizal and told stories about our National Hero that are mostly untold in history books. The VoiceMaster encouraged the audience to learn more about Rizal not only for remembering history but also for setting a standard for one’s greatness and excellence, as Rizal has become one for the Filipino.

The rest of the VoiceMaster’s talk is about the 8 things that one needs to become a great person. He motivated the audience to discover their life purpose in order to live a life of passion. He told about the opportunity to win a Scholarship agriculture, medicine, arts, etc. He also entertained the students with his character voices, laundry list of hugot lines and the Hashtag dance!

In the afternoon, the VoiceMaster inspired and educated hundreds of teachers in San Rafael NHS during the Municipal Faculty and Staff Development Program with his talk “My Voice is My Force.” With the goal to inspire the teachers to look at their voice more closely than they ever have, the VoiceMaster explained how powerful the voice is in their personal and professional lives, and that they can use this tool to shape and change the lives of their students. He also taught them exercises and some tips on how to take care of their voices.

The VoiceMaster also introduced the teachers to what is called Generation Z, the generation of pupils and students in the classroom. Having worked with young people for more than a decade, Pocholo has learned the mindsets, behaviors, and influences of young people that most parents and teachers find challenging to grasp. He also discussed the future of education, given the technological advances of this generation. In the end, the VoiceMaster challenged the teachers to open their minds and embrace the new generation of students and focus their teaching efforts in honing children to grow into adults who live with passion and purpose.

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