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Monday, December 9, 2019


Most of you know that I run a 2-floor office for my company... in fact, many of you have been there. That’s where I house my office, my recording studio, my voice acting school and my online radio station.

As you can see, we do a lot of TALKING in the office. We record. We dub. We train. Sometimes we sing. 90% of what we do in my company has to do with voice, but not much with tap WATER.

So you should understand how SHOCKED I was when I received my water bill for the month of November which amounted to almost 46,000 pesos! One statement of account shows our water consumption ballooned to 300 cu.m from no more than 26 cu.m in the last 3 months. And when we asked to have the reading investigated, we were only told that the meter reading was correct and we should pay the inflated amount in order to avoid interruption of their “service”.

A water bill that’s ten times bigger than what we normally pay... that’s what you call a RED FLAG. Any decent utility company would see that. Why didn’t you, Maynilad?

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