VoiceWorx Closed Its Curtain For Its Final Run For Batch 50; Take A Glimpse At The Past Sessions For One Last Time - The Best Filipino Motivational and Inspirational Speaker | The VoiceMaster of The Philippines

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

VoiceWorx Closed Its Curtain For Its Final Run For Batch 50; Take A Glimpse At The Past Sessions For One Last Time

"It's a wrap!" Similar to a movie or TV production shooting, a director would shout these words at the end. In Filipino context, they may use "Pack-up na!" phrase. VoiceWorx workshop wrapped up with a BLAST as the 8-week sessions provided holistic and applicable learning for the last set of students, Batch 50.

Before VoiceWorx bid goodbye as 2019 comes to an end and a new era of training workshop will start in 2020, let us recall the highlights from the past two months:

VoiceMaster giving a motivational talk to VoiceWorx Batch 50

Day 1, October 5, 2019 - The VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales welcomed Batch 50 to VoiceWorx. As the students were anticipating an immediate introduction in the world of voice acting, the VoiceMaster gave a motivational talk for them instead. He ignited their passion and purpose to understand their "why's". He reiterated too how they promote voice acting as an art as a vehicle for positive social change.

Dannes Serrano in his introduction for voice acting

Day 2, October 12, 2019 - Dannes Serano, aka Voice Builder, gave a comprehensive guide on how to find out the niches suitable for a voice artist to pursue based on different factors and interests. He is a former VoiceWorx Batch 32 student turned professional artist and motivational speaker. In addition, he gave lessons on proper pronunciation with a neutral English accent. This is a must especially for clients looking for proficient in speaking the English language.

JV Villasan explaining in details about dubbing

Day 3, October 19, 2019 - Jordences "JV" Villasan introduced the world of dubbing for the students. He was a student back in VoiceWorx Batch 43 and at present, he does professional voice acting for dubbing, and live and recorded voice-overs. He explained the importance of studying different accents for the authenticity of delivering the dubbed characters. Moreover, he shared an exercise in finding out the range of voices that one can do. 

Yvette Resurreccion in an activity with VoiceWorx Batch 50

Day 4, October 26, 2019 - Veteran dubber and director, Yvette Marie Resureccion guided the VoiceWorx Batch 50 students to different simulation exercises to help them deliver the right emotions and pronunciation for both dubbing and voice acting. She is the voice behind characters from classic shows like Heidi and Meteor Garden. She also spearheaded the students' first hands-on dubbing experience in the recording booth.

Reymar Peña evaluating the dubbed clips of the students
Day 5, November 9, 2019 - Reymar Peña directed the VoiceWorx Batch 50 for their one-on-one dubbing experience for an animated online show. He let them try to do two roles: a character and a narrator. He is a scholar from the Voice Acting Team of CreatiVoices Productions, a rising YouTube vlogger, and the station manager of VG8 online radio. As a director, he was very precise in giving instructions until the students were able to deliver the intended results for the dubbing session.

Danny "Ama" Mandia smiles
as he guides a student in the exercise

Day 6, November 16, 2019 - Danny "Ama" Mandia, known as the Father of Filipino Dubbing, gave a detailed lesson on dubbing fused with his extensive experience in theater. He emphasized the importance of understanding the "units of idea" in a dubbing script. In addition, he revealed the common struggle of dubbers and challenged the VoiceWorx Batch 50 students in simulation exercises to overcome these struggles in the actual dubbing session.

Papa Neil Tolentino conducts an exercise activity for dubbing
from the script which the students translated
Day 7, November 23, 2019 - Papa Neil Tolentino, a veteran theater actor, writer, and dubbing director, welcomed the VoiceWorx Batch 50 students to his lessons on ADR scriptwriting and dubbing. He taught the significance of cultural adaptation and context-based methodology in translating the script. He reminded them too of translating the script in sync to the video clips of the show, movie, or other media output. The exercise activity at the end of the session showed how well-versed and meticulous Papa Neil is in pointing out the strengths and areas of improvement of the students.

Reymar Peña assessing the audio clips of students' voice files
Day 8, November 30, 2019 - VoiceWorx Batch 50 did their voice filing. This is the process of recording a sample demo reel of their voice acting skills as they deliver different scripts and it was saved in the database of CreatiVoices Productions. Reymar Peña directed their voice filing and provided them scripts for commercial VO's, recorded prompt messages, narration for children's show and documentary, and many more. The students enjoyed voice filing as it is another step for them to close their first projects as professional voice artists.

VoiceWorx Batch 50 surely learned everything by heart and are eager for opportunities in the near future. As of this writing time, Some of them have already gone to a network station to audition for roles in a Tagalized movie and series. Others have created a segment in VG8 online radio and started to become DJ's in their respective show. 

Truly, VoiceWorx is worthy to be remembered for life-long learning and experience. May this be the start of something greater for the dreamers. They expressed their gratefulness to every instructor who imparted their skills and knowledge together with their life lessons and experience.

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