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Monday, December 16, 2019

VoiceWorx Batch 50 Graduation Filled With Laughter, Tears, and Celebration: Danny "Ama" Mandia And VoiceMaster Shared Special Messages

VoiceWorx Batch 50 graduates with Mr. Danny Mandia, VoiceMaster, Kathleen Sone, and Reymar Peña

VoiceWorx Batch 50 students celebrated their graduation ceremony last December 14, 2019, at Papi's Pinoy Kitchen. VoiceWorx instructors Danny "Ama" Mandia, Father of Modern Filipino Dubbing, and VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales graced the event to witness the last batch in this momentous event.

The event started with a prayer and followed by the sumptuous lunch buffet prepared by Papi's Pinoy Kitchen. Then, the VoiceMaster played a short documentary film showing the entire 8-week session of the last batch's workshop training in a nostalgic reminiscing of those special memories.

VoiceWorx Batch 50 PM class with Kathleen Sone, Reymar Peña, Mr. Danny Mandia, and VoiceMaster

Mr. Mandia gave a heartfelt message for the VoiceWorx Batch 50 students. He told them that through the workshop, they taught them how to use their wings to fly. He reminded them too that everyone is free to create their own pathway, there's no exclusivity or commitment that the instructors are asking from them. 

In addition, Mr. Mandia encouraged them to live by the value of a grateful and generous heart---to recognize their origin and how they started their dreams as aspiring voice artists. He shared this was the first and last VoiceWorx batch whom he was able to attend the graduation ceremony.

VoiceMaster and Mr. Danny Mandia preparing for the awarding of certificates

Mr. Mandia recalled as well his joy and pride whenever he sees former students and dubbers who are rejected by other studios or directors that are thriving now in their career. He believes in giving every aspirant that chance to prove themselves. Hence, he motivated the Batch 50 students to show up in their best form if they are called for an audition or casting. 

He reiterated again to be a bearer of hope and kindness in the industry of voice acting and dubbing. It is better to lift each other up than to pull one another down just to prove who's the best. Lastly, Mr. Mandia congratulated everyone for graduating and wishes it will be the start of greater things to come for them.

VoiceWorx Batch 50 with Danny Mandia and VoiceMaster watching the documentary video of VoiceWorx.

When it was the VoiceMaster's turn to share his message, he announced his retirement from the dubbing industry to focus on his businesses and motivational speaking engagements. He also welcomed the VoiceWorx Batch 50 students to the CreatiVoices Productions family. 

The VoiceMaster shared his experience when he was struggling to land a dubbing project as some directors only give chances to their relatives or those whom they know. Then, it was Mr. Mandia who allowed him to prove what he can do through the 90's cartoon series "Remi". 

VoiceMaster sharing his message

Years after, they started VoiceWorx because of the idea and dream of Mr. Mandia to help more aspiring voice artists be equipped with the knowledge and skills to jumpstart their careers. It began in 2005 and after 15 years, hundreds of graduates are now successful in their chosen industries like public speaking, dubbing, radio broadcasting, radio entertainment, voice acting, voice-overs, and many more. 

Just like a real father-son relationship, the VoiceMaster remembered too the time they had a disagreement because Mr. Gonzales flew to the United States without saying a word to Mr. Mandia. It was the time of the phenomenal hit "Meteor Garden" as they were both part of the show. He found ways to make amends because he respects and values the relationship they have.

Marcelo Credo from morning class receiving his certificate with Mr. Danny Mandia and VoiceMaster

The VoiceMaster had recalled as well the time Mr. Mandia struggled with his health issues and needed an operation. He visited him in their home after his completed hospital rest. After all these reminiscings of their memories, the VoiceMaster said a surprise announcement that he will name the workshop training center after Danny "Ama" Mandia in honor of his contribution and commitment in training more aspiring voice artists.

Meyswraim Yoto Mado from afternoon class receiving her certificate with Mr. Danny Mandia and VoiceMaster

The recital presentation of both groups, morning and afternoon VoiceWorx classes, came next and they gave their all-out performance for their audience. The morning class did a skit of a modern website presenting the database of voice-over artists. Meanwhile, the afternoon class did their rendition of "12 Days of Christmas" jingle with the lyrics about the life of a voice artist.

Back to where it all started---VoiceWorx Batch 50 posed in front of the building where CreatiVoices Productions and CreativSounds studio is located.  Danny Mandia and VoiceMaster smiled for the camera.

The most awaited awarding of workshop certificates proceeded as the VoiceMaster calls out the names. Each graduate got to individually took a picture with Mr. Mandia and the VoiceMaster. Voice artists Reymar Peña, Kathleen Sone, and Blair Arellano attended the VoiceWorx graduation ceremony too. Everyone took more pictures to serve as memories in the future.

Indeed, the commencement exercises are not the ending but just like the word "commence" itself which means to start---this is the beginning of a new era, new story, and new adventure.

Congratulations VoiceWorx Batch 50!

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