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Thursday, January 16, 2020

[1 of 4] CreatiVoices Launches Voice Act Now Workshop Batch 1

Contributed by Dea Panganiban

CreatiVoices launched its first-ever full-day workshop for aspiring voice artists, the Voice Act Now Workshop. An 8-hour event for four Saturdays of the month, it aims attendees to keep the momentum throughout the day while maximizing their learning potential.

Realizing that a half-day workshop is not enough, Mr. Pocholo Gonzalez, founder of CreatiVoices Production, concluded the 15-year-old VoiceWorx Workshop last year ending it with Batch 50. Voice Act Now will be an advanced class composing of 80% practical and 20% theoretical. You can see the excitement on each of the attendee’s eyes as they realize how this new structure will greatly benefit them in real life.

15 aspiring voice talent newbies attended the Voice Act Now Workshop kickoff last January 4, 2019. After everyone introduces themselves, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales welcomed the attendees with an inspirational talk. Full of wisdom and real-talk, he imparts words that will be the foundation of strong yet kind-hearted voice talent.

Mr. Pocholo Gonzalez conditioned their minds of not going into something half-heartedly, that voice acting is the art of becoming. Letting them know that the workshop is there to help them realize their dream of becoming a voice talent but without them helping themselves it will be in vain. He also cautioned them of becoming someone who doesn’t give credit when credit is due. 

After this, Mr. Jordences Villasan, founder of ‘Dubbers in Palette’ and the male voiceover behind the Domex TV commercial, took over. He started off by covering the most important basics of dubbing. He taught the techniques of reading a script, discovering one’s voice range, and understanding the voice master formula among the few. A few important trivia here and there. Lastly, the do’s and don’ts of voice and throat care. This last part made some of the attendees groaned a bit as they’ve learned that most of their fave foods should be avoided if not lessened. Of course, they are some sacrifices you have to make if one would like their voice to be at its best.

In the last part of the workshop hour, Mr. Reymar Peña, founder of ‘Ramyer TV’ and a voice impressionist, showcased his talent by impersonating a few well-known personalities, discussing a few pointers on how to achieve them along the way. He and Mr. Villasan demonstrated what will happen when one of the voice impression components was not done correctly. 

The first day was a success, not by my own opinion but from the feedback gathered from the attendees. Their agreement earlier today that a full-day workshop is more worth it than a half-day one was confirmed. At the end of the day, everyone went home overjoyed and excited for the next session.

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