[2 of 4] Danny Mandia, the Pillar of the Voice Dubbing Industry Returns, Trains the Advance Class of Voice Act Now for Dubbing Batch 1 - The Best Filipino Motivational and Inspirational Speaker | The VoiceMaster of The Philippines

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

[2 of 4] Danny Mandia, the Pillar of the Voice Dubbing Industry Returns, Trains the Advance Class of Voice Act Now for Dubbing Batch 1

Contributed by Dea Panganiban

After missing the last few batches of the now concluded VoiceWorx workshop, the Father of Modern Dubbing Industry of the Philippines, Mr. Danny “Ama” Mandia, returns as one of the instructors in Voice Act Now for Dubbing Batch 1 which launched last week.

If you haven’t known it yet, Mr. Mandia is the dubbing director of the Tagalized animes we grew up with during the 90’s - Magic Knight Rayearth,  BTX, Zenki, Saber Marionette J to name a few. Oh, don’t forget the Korean Dramas as well - Meteor Garden (2003) and Full House among the few.

  Dubbing director Danny “Ama” Mandia

After giving off his colorful background as an economics graduate, an agriculturist, and theater arts director, Mr. Mandia asked the participants to introduce themselves in return. As they present themselves and the reason why they joined, he notes that achieving their expectations depends on how far they will go and how much effort they will give to make it a reality since they are there to guide them and not promise any projects or stardom.

To give the participants a head start, Mr. Mandia said that each will be given a chance to record an audio file (aka voice filing) for the following categories - commercial, anime, movie or Korean drama, audiobook/narrative, e-learning, and hosting. These will be their samples when auditioning to projects. It is part of the 80-20 program structure, benefiting the participants and preparing them for a career (should they choose to pursue it) after the workshop.

Starting the morning off with a lecture, Mr. Mandia talked about terminologies to further understand the components voice artists must consider when figuring out their voices. From knowing how to find out what their voice type, range, and weight... to knowing your alphabet, marketability, and pointing out that one must always deliver in character.

Finding your diaphragm voice with Mr. Danny Mandia
Photo credit: JM Vista

Before taking the noon break, participants were asked to create a 3-minute message of any topic to mankind in both English, and Filipino languages. As everybody scrambles creating their script, they also spread out finding the best place to record it with their phones. 

One by one, each piece was shown on the workshop TV monitor. And each work was given constructive criticism by their peers and Mr. Mandia. The exercise was meant for everyone to assess the individual’s presentation based on what was discussed earlier that day.

As the day moves on, another exercise was given. Creating a short story that will be voiced by a child, an adult, and an old person. This time, the ability to change voice registers is being tested. While taking turns, each was given feedback on what they can improve on. Concluding the day, Mr. Mandia sorted the participants into three groups so they can record their sample audio files spread throughout the week to be submitted before next week’s session. 

Participants unanimously agree and understand that receiving criticism is part of the workshop. It hones their ability and prepares them immensely in becoming the voice talents they aspire to be. To make it sweeter, the day ended with a surprise guest, the woman vlogger behind the YouTube channel - Voiceover Flowers. 

Day 2 surprise guest - Kathleen of Voiceover Flowers
Photo credit: JM Vista

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