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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

V.O.I.C.E.M.A.S.T.E.R. In Motion: A Meaningful Word Combining My Fulfilled Dreams And Vision

 V.O.I.C.E.M.A.S.T.E.R. In Motion: A Meaningful Word Combining My Fulfilled Dreams And Vision

My 25 years of experience spanning different industries of voice acting, dubbing, radio broadcasting, PR marketing, entrepreneurship among a few is something I have envisioned when I was just a poor boy dreaming of my future.
A significant factor behind my success is carving my own personal branding through a moniker or alias, The VoiceMaster. Let me deconstruct the meaning behind it every equally important letter.
V – isionary
What is a vision? I believe that vision is a mental picture of what you imagine something to be. The greatest and most successful people from the past and present times had visions: Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Jose Rizal to name some.
Having your own vision is necessary and even the Holy Scriptures mentions it, “Without vision, people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). It’s either you believe in something or you’ll fall for anything. This is how important your vision is.
We always say “the present creates the future.” A futurist like me would say “the future creates the present.” because time is only an illusion. Everything you’re doing today is just your vision for your future. So, how about you? What is your vision for yourself? For your country? For humanity?

O – ne-of-a-Kind
Ever since I was a kid, I know that I am unique compared to everyone I know---my friends, playmates, and even my friends. Unique isn’t synonymous to different. You can be different yet meet other few people with the same experience and skills. However, if you’re unique then you’re a league of your own, extraordinary, and one of a kind.
People who are one-of-a-kind are not afraid to be unique, otherwise, they would be doing the same thing as everyone else. As Edwin Elliot said,“By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” Don’t copy or imitate other people’s character, dreams, visions, and plans. Embrace your uniqueness as you journey in your life.
I – nspiration to the Youth
We tend to underestimate and overlook the skills and potentials of our youth. We tend to think they aren’t yet experienced, they don’t know a lot, and they have more things yet to prove to the world. But in reality, what we don’t understand is they maximize the opportunities and learnings from the Internet, thanks to the present technology.
It is more likely that the youth knows so much more than the older generation. There are even young people who are already CEO in their early 20s at this time. I became the CEO of CreatiVoices Productions when I was only 24 years old. This is why we should believe in them more!
I choose to be an inspiration to the youth instead of being a constant critic to them. The youth is eager to be involved and to take action, and I believe that they have the ability to positively affect society. The main challenge of the young people is not what they know, it’s what to do with what they know. Let’s be an encourager to our youth.

C – hampion
What does it mean to be a CHAMPION? A champion is someone who “fights in support of a person, belief or cause.”. I believe that being a champion is not about recognition for what you have done or being recognized as a winner, or how much experience you have collected throughout the years.
A champion is someone who creates other champions. A champion is someone who helps other people to fulfill their dreams. A champion brings more people to the top together with him.
This is what I have been doing for the past two decades hence I established my company CreatiVoices Productions, my voice acting school Philippine Center for Voice Acting, and organizations including Voice of The Youth Network, The Microphone Club, VoiceMaster’s League, Voice Care Philippines, and Philippine Association of Public Speakers.
E – mpowering Others
Another dimension of the VoiceMaster is successfully empowering others. Empowering people means trusting them, giving them the power. It means fading in the background so they could be in the limelight. I am not afraid to share the limelight with the people I mentor. In fact, it gives me pride and joy to see them flourish.
For me, I focus only on two goals in life: to make people HAPPY and to make people BETTER. I know that inspiration and motivation have an expiration. So in order to reach my goals, I empower people.

M – odern-day Rizal
I truly believe I am the modern-day Jose Rizal in my own unique way. For me, he is the epitome of greatness and excellence, especially for the youth. I believe that every Filipino has the ability to be great and excellent.
Picture this out for a moment: What if Jose Rizal was able to travel the world and write novels in his time back in late 1800, how much more can we do with the technology we have today? This is why I take advantage of all our available technological resources to improve myself and connect to people.
A – lways Burning with Passion
People who are passionate about something are people who are COMMITTED. Their passion is burning together with GRIT. Both of these require that you give it your all, no matter how difficult or bad things get.
You will not hear committed people say “I’m committed” because they are busy going out there and DOING it! The harsh reality is this: Many people have not found that one thing that they would be passionate about! Do you know your passion? If you haven’t yet discovered it, identify your passion through these questions:
What is one thing you would do over and over and over again even if you’re not getting paid to do it?
What would you do if you KNEW you could not fail?
What will you always both doing what you love and loving what you do?

S – teward of the Voice
Our voice is our most powerful communication tool. It is also the most miraculous instrument of our human body. Yet, most of us never made a conscious effort to improve or nurture the voice. Everything that I have done in my life is about the VOICE – from my course in college, my company and all my advocacies – everything is all about using the voice.
Being a trusted steward of the voice, I expanded my reach and vision. Hence, I created my voice acting school to train, mentor, and produce a new generation of voice artists that would treat voice acting as an art.
This is the same driving force when I founded Voice of the Youth Network because I wanted to give the Filipino youth a voice on issues that affect them. As a steward of the voice, I have established as well Voice Care Philippines since I desire to teach people the importance of taking care of their voice
T – rue Leader
What does it mean to lead? Many of us know that leadership is INFLUENCE. The problem is, most pretentious leaders think that influence is being able to make people do what you want them to do! That’s bossing around and not true leadership.
The first thing you need to do in order to lead is to find out what their aspirations are, only then will you be able to motivate, empower and enable them. In my Pochology Academy, I believe that taking and making people go where they want to go is called LEADERSHIP. On the other hand, taking and making people create their own destiny, go to places they never imagined they can go to, and do things way beyond their potential is called GREAT LEADERSHIP!
E – ver-expanding
The biggest mistake people make whenever they look for their purpose in life is they are attaching their purpose in life to their job or career! I became the VoiceMaster of the Philippines not because I can do character voices. If that’s the case, then every Filipino dubber and voice artist take away this branding from me.
What happened throughout the years is being the VoiceMaster, I use my voice to inspire, motivate, and empower people. I do that in many ways: broadcasting, voice acting, training, motivational speaking, etc.
I am ever-expanding in my career and personal life goals because I hate a monotonous and meaningless life. Here’s my advice: Always aim to be BETTER today than they were yesterday.
Just because you’re an expert at something doesn’t mean you’re done. Learn a new skill. Play a new game. Get a new hobby. Work for your dream mentor. Do everything right just to be BETTER!
R – Resilient
According to Merriam-Webster, resilient is defined as “the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc” Have you noticed it? Life does ALL THIS to you! As the VoiceMaster, I don’t want to return to my “original shape”. Whenever life pulls, stretches, presses, or bends me, I come back better, wiser, bolder, greater…and sexier!
Because I entered the voice industry at a very young age, I experienced first-hand the politics surrounding the industry. But with my resilience, I keep believing in my own skills and abilities, and most especially in my vision.
Instead of doing what everyone else is doing and fighting to get my piece of the pie, I decided to BAKE MY OWN PIE with my own kitchen! I did not become a part of their selfish system. I created my own path and I am proud to look back at everything I did.
That’s how we should all be. We should learn how to rise above life’s challenges instead of complaining and doing nothing about them. It is not our chances or circumstances that define us but our choices instead so be resilient as you head towards the fulfillment of your dreams!

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