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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The VoiceMaster Inspires Students at BINHI: 2nd Student Leader's Congress

Building Innovative, Nationalistic, and Human Individuals or BINHI, a two-day virtual seminar that aims to create an avenue in unleashing the new generation leaders and empower the present generation of Student Leaders, was conducted on March 5-6, 2021. Notable speakers were invited to the event, namely Mr. Eugenio "Boy" R. Abunda Jr., PhD, Mr. Ferdinand "Chinkee" Tan, Mr. Marlon Jay B. Baysa, Mr. Renato Jose Ma. V. Molano, and Mr. Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales himself.

To begin Pocholo's talk, an introductory video of Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales was presented. After the video, his career as the voice artist who revolutionized the industry was established to the audience. "Lahat halos ng mga voice talent, dubber at ilang mga DJ, broadcaster, mga nagtrain sa akin under ng CreatiVoices at ng Voice of the Youth Network." he added.

VOTY as a venue to showcase Filipino youth excellence

Another video presentation was shared in the virtual seminar, however this time, it is about the Voice of the Youth (VOTY). Pocholo emphasized the significance of VOTY as a venue to aspiring voice artists. "Voice of the Youth was founded in 1996, ang goal namin is to empower young people to create positive change, so through media, ang goal talaga namin is to encourage every Filipino youth to believe in themselves in creating positive social change, na ikaw, kaboses, kapatid, kapuso, kapamilya, lalong lalo na ikaw, kabataan ngayon, alam ko may galing at talino ka na nasa sayo kaya lang nahihiya kang ishare di ba, alam mo yun, natatakot ka kasi sa sasabihin at iisipin ng ibang tao."

Pocholo then continues his presentation by talking about his advocacy to inspire and empower the youth. He emphasized that he is a positive social change advocate who believes that everyone, especially the youth, has hidden excellence but lacks the venue and platform to showcase it. Voice of the Youth provides this venue that presents opportunities to the youth to help them unlock their excellence and showcase it to the world. According to Pocholo, the Voice of the Youth already has 100,00 members where most of the members travel around the world as most youth programs turn to their aid to gather representatives. 

The VoiceMaster on leadership and excellence

In explaining why one must share his or her talents, Pocholo stressed that if they fail to share their talents, they are not just denying it to the world but also to themselves to have that opportunity to be excellent. He further highlights this point in leadership saying "hindi lang naman yan to manage other people, it's more on managing yourself." 

Pocholo inspired the audience by sharing the principle of everyone as a Rizal on their own rights where even with no freedom or technology, everyone is great on their own, they just have to focus on that one thing that can help them unleash their excellence. 

Aside from being a voice coach and DJ broadcaster, Pocholo also dubbed hundreds of animations and telenovelas; he even showcases his talent as he performs samples of his lines from different anime and telenovelas. He talked about what is a voice artist and what it means to be one. Pocholo defined a voice artist as the voice of God. "We are the one telling you what to buy, what to do, what to eat, what to wear" he explained. 

The VoiceMaster on knowing one’s passion and purpose in life

Another point Pocholo accentuates is knowing one's purpose. He differentiated passion from purpose saying "Passion is doing things that you love but also you do it and sacrifice something‚ pero yung purpose mo is doing what you love for other people, ibig sabihin kapag yung passion mo ginagawa mo na para sa ibang tao, that becomes a purpose."  

He shared 5 questions to know one's purpose in life: 

  1. "Who are you?" that is answerable by one's name, 
  2. "What do you do?" where one is being identified for what he or she does,
  3. "Who do you do it for?" that should be answered with "for other people and not for oneself", 
  4. "What do they need?" 
  5. "How will their life change because of what you do?" which according to Pocholo is the most important one as the best thing you can do to any person is to believe in them during the time no one believes in them. 

"When you do something for other people make sure that their lives will change positively, make a positive impact every time you do something." He ends his point by saying "do something today that your future self will thank you for."

At the end of his talk, he thanked the audience and FEU by imparting an inspirational quote "availability is the best ability" and an impactful message "before breath becomes air, make sure you have done everything because the worse thing you'll feel one day is to regret things you didn't do rather than things you have done."

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