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Sunday, June 13, 2021

10 Reasons To Join CVAP

The world of voice acting has an interesting history in it. For over 10 decades, voice acting has been included in almost everything from movies to online commercials. Today, as the world faces the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has changed but, surprisingly, for the better.

The rise of the new generation of online voice artists paved the way in equalizing the once-monopolized industry. They became the pioneers of the conventional way of voice acting that then recreates the history of the industry.

The democratization of the voice acting industry and the coinage of the term Voice Artistry for voice acting as a craft was introduced and popularized by Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales in his online-based workshop Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP).

CVAP aims to provide accessible quality voice training to aspiring and experienced voice artists. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the lockdowns that ensued afterwards, people were left restless and anxious.  Pocholo saw this, but at the same time, the soaring demand for voice acting despite the pandemic, so he organized webinars about voice artistry from April to May 2021.  Eventually, he, along with his CVAP Co-Founder, Nike Esmero, established the first and only voice acting certification program in the world.

Here are 10 reasons why you should join the Certified Voice Artist Program

1. You'll get to meet the man behind it all, The VoiceMaster himself, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales

From the start, Pocholo has always been passionate about voice acting. From winning the dubbing competition that started it all to revolutionizing the industry, Pocholo paved the way for voice artistry not only in the Philippines but all around the world.

Through enrolling in the workshop, you'll get to meet the VoiceMaster up close and personal. You'll learn all about his life and will be inspired by all the challenges that he experienced in the then monopolized nature of the voice acting industry. Pocholo will also be one of the mentors in the program so you'll get the chance to be exclusively mentored by the founder himself.

He will teach you not only the needed technical skills in voice acting but more importantly the principles, purpose, passion, and vision of a voice artist; the LCD (Love, Commitment, and Dedication) and DRAFT (Desperation, Rejection, Aspiration, Frustration, and Transformation). He will make you understand that someone out there needs to hear your voice.

2. You'll achieve your childhood dream of becoming a voice artist

Almost all of us have, at some point, dreamt of becoming the voice behind our favorite characters in animated movies and series, cartoons, and tv and radio dramas. Consequently, all of us have done storytelling where we change our voices to imitate the characters in the story in order to capture the attention of the listeners and ultimately make the experience memorable not only for them but also for us. You may or may not realize this, but that is voice acting.

Kathleen Sone (Voiceover Flower) voiced old woman 1 and 2 for Filipino Fairy Tale's "Ang Matalinong Sapatero"

Some people have the courage to acknowledge that and pursue voice acting even though it is a challenging career as people will judge you for pursuing something that is seen as a hobby and not a serious profession. This assumption came from the past nature of voice acting being a hidden and untapped industry. "No one actually knows that voice acting and being a voice artist is also a profession, a passion, and also a [form of] art," Pocholo explained.

But through CVAP and the solidarity of the family in it, you'll not only achieve that dream of yours when you were a kid happily imitating your favorite cartoon characters, but you'll also learn so much more about it and what it really means to be a Certified Voice Artist.

3. You'll be part of something larger than yourself

To graduate from CVAP is to be part of the new generation of online voice artists that recreate the history of the world of voice acting. As part of that community, your voice is seen as an icon in democratizing the once-monopolized industry of voice acting where the politics in it is eliminated and the whisper and nudge culture is gradually abolished.

As a voice artist, you're not only going to be a cog in the system, but you'll be greater than the sum of it.

4. You can join wherever you are in the world

As the workshop is online-based, everyone is welcomed to join.

Unlike then when you needed to go to Manila and attend various training to become a Certified Voice Artist, now you can achieve your dream wherever you are or whatever your timeline is by enrolling in the online workshop.

With the pandemic still going on and the continuous dependence of the industry on technology and the internet, the online nature of the workshop will also equip you with essential technical skills in navigating your way in learning everything from online marketing to building your own home recording studio.

5. While the technology grows, the need for voice over also grows

Back then, according to Pocholo, there were only 5 applications of voice acting: radio, TV, movies, audiobooks, and lastly is IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). Aside from this, the opportunities in the past were manipulated and monopolized by advertising agencies and recording studios. So aspiring voice artists like him had a hard time making a name in the industry.

The difference between then and now is indisputable. With the industry adapting and shifting to online platforms, there is an increase in the demand for voice artists. Fortunately, in CVAP they share a culture of sharing and giving and at the same time strongly believe and live by the workshop's mantra "someone out there needs to hear your voice". This allows them to offer a variety of choices to clients when it comes to their projects, and not just settle with the usual artists who have long monopolized the industry.

                                        CVAP Mantra by PapaLem, a CVAP graduate

6. You'll get to learn to create your personal and voice brand and tell your story through it

One of the main topics that will be discussed in CVAP is how to create your brand from scratch. Through the workshop, you'll gain an understanding of the importance of branding and online marketing in creating your profile as a Certified Voice Artist.

Just like what Nikie Esemero, the Program Director of CVAP, said in an online guesting, "one of the main goals of the workshop is to teach the students to freely express themselves." Learning how to establish their name as a voice artist and express their artistry by reflecting it in their brand is just a few things that will be thoroughly explained during the sessions of the workshop.

7. You'll be inspired by the other top-performing CVAs

Aside from Pocholo, CVAP also invites other top-performing CVAs to mentor you during the workshop. Joshua Anthony Simeon (The Voice Scout), Maricarsheena Sobrenilla (Voice KoTo), Pau Castillo (AiVoice) are just a few of the successful voice artists invited to the program to talk about their life story, their journey after graduating, and tips in making one's name in the industry.

8. You'll have an extended family

CVAP is not only composed of people with a shared interest. Pocholo once said that it is not suitable to call them a community of people as it does not accurately define the strong bond created in the workshop. Instead, they should be called a family because they can count on each other not just in helping each other develop their own voice acting careers, but also in life as we know it.

9. Whoever you are, you'll be welcomed with open arms

In CVAP, you'll literally be the voice of the unheard. The Voice of PWD - Power, Wisdom and Dynamism, a program on VG8 Radio hosted by CVAP graduates Robinson Tumampos and DJ Martin Freeman, is a clear manifestation of this reason. Instead of fading into the background, they use their voice to help other PWDs unleash their full potential.

CVAP aims to help students find their voice and love it wholeheartedly, accepting its imperfections as something that makes it genuinely perfect. CVAP creates opportunities and a safe space for you to realize who you are and what is your purpose in life.

10. You’ll have the opportunity to immortalize your voice

In pursuing the endeavor of voice acting, you get the chance of immortalizing your voice; of making your voice your legacy.

Through CVAP, you not immortalize your voice by becoming a top-performing CVA with multiple projects, but also by becoming part of the CVAP family where you can touch the lives of other people and be remembered by being the voice they needed to hear.

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