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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The VoiceMaster Speaks at STPH Online Summit 2020

  Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales shared his wisdom on different realities of parents and the youth amidst the pandemic at the Sulit-Tipid at Homeschooling Online Summit 2020 themed “Raising Pinoy Generation Z and Alpha” held via Zoom last June 6-8, 2020.

The VoiceMaster began his talk entitled “The New Generation of Artists in Times of Pandemic” by tackling the reality behind the voice acting industry. He acknowledged the fact that there is a scarcity of opportunities here in the Philippines for those who want to learn voice acting. According to him, voice acting is only recently recognized in online platforms like Youtube.

Pocholo also mentioned the huge difference between voice acting in the country and in the US. He boldly criticized the palakasan-system in the industry which he and his company wanted to eliminate by giving all aspiring voice artists the equal opportunity to hone their skills and talent.

He continued his talk by showing a documentary made by Mukha, ABS-CBN's documentary show that puts the spotlight on ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Pocholo revealed how the challenges and frustrations he went through pushed him to continue his passion for the profession.

His sharing highlighted the vision he has that led him to build a company for voice acting. He emphasized that the voice is a "God-given gift," and how we use it serves as our gift back to Him. In his case, using his gift to help other people, especially the youth, including his own son.

Quoting his younger self, “With pureness in my heart, I will use my talents and skills to make other people better and happy by being excellent and great, and by sharing the good news,” as he looked back at his younger days to share his inspiring journey in the world of voice acting.

With youth empowerment as one of his core niches, he also emphasized to his audience the importance of being a parent to a child, to encourage them and guide them in the right way by relating his experiences as a father with the advocacy of STPH which is to “build the Philippines by building the family.”

After the video, Ms. Bernice Garcia, the host of the summit, discussed the importance of the family in building and shaping the youth. She delightedly quoted the VoiceMaster, “a good father [parent] raises a better child.”

The second video that Pocholo played was the one from The Filipino Channel (TFC) which featured him and his son Patrick. The video showed how they bond through voice acting and how he guides his son as he explores his own passion, all while teaching him the useful skills he would need later in life. He also reiterated the importance of the parent’s presence in the lives of their children. 

Pocholo left the audience with his Pochology, “availability and visibility are the best abilities,” in which he explained that being available is not enough in times of pandemic, one also has to be visible. He then advised the audience to maximize the use of technology as it will be of great help in these trying times. 

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