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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Voicemaster Talks about Voice Acting at RPN DXDX Gensan

 Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales talks about the art of voice acting at the program INFORM, INFORM, INFORM of Philippine Information Agency at RPN DXDX Gensan with Harlem “Papa Lem” Ferolino, the Executive Director and Station Manager of Voice of the Youth Network.

In the interview, Pocholo talks about how today differs from how everything works in the past. Today, the internet is outpacing radio and televisions giving a more comprehensive range for the audience, so he sees it as an opportunity to adapt to change and create a real opportunity for everyone.

For him, voice is an instrument we always took for granted; it is the only instrument that can start a war. People would overlook how a voice can be a powerful instrument because people do not realize that it is not just a gift but also a choice that has been given to us. As a result, he established the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), the first online voice workshop, which has aided in developing a new generation of online voice artists. CVAP intends to reach out to new and veteran voice artists in the modern online-based market, with him as the program's exclusive mentor and other renowned voice artists.

He also recalled in the interview how in his childhood, he used to listen to Gabi ng Lagim, an anthology of ghost stories, famous as a radio series in the 1960s. He also expresses his admiration for Neil Ocampo, a Filipino anchorman and self-styled as the 'Total News-Tertainer' in the Philippine radio broadcast industry, which led him to realize how great he can be in the field of voice artistry. 

“Once I hear something, kaya ko nang i-adapt,” he said.

He showcases his skills in voice impersonation during the interview by impersonating the voice of Joonee Gamboa, a Filipino actor and voice actor, and Rey Langit, anchorman and a journalist.

Bigyan mo ng sense kung anong ginagawa mo,”  Pocholo said.

He explained that the youth was and will always be the nation's hope, and it is time they are given the opportunities and the venue to do what the society hoped they would do, especially today that they can learn millions of new skills that they can develop. 

Let’s use our life, our time, to create positive change to make people’s lives better. The world is dying; if you don't think that the world is dying, then you're gonna die anyway. So let’s make that a motivation because it is the only certain thing in the world,” - he said.

He encourages everyone to join and enroll on the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) and unleash the inner artist in you.

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