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Monday, August 2, 2021

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Bagong Pilipinas with the Voice Masters League

 "We promote Voice Acting as an art form and to use Voice Act, your voice to promote positive social change," The VoiceMaster said.

The VoiceMaster on Bagong Pilipinas

The VoiceMaster is credited with being the first to establish voice-acting schools in the Philippines. He has been a generous man in terms of opening doors for aspiring and future voice artists.

Filipino motivation speaker Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales was invited to the morning magazine show "Bagong Pilipinas," which aired on People's Television Network in the Philippines (PTV), along with members of the Voice Master League Jeffrey Gusayko, Ada Cuaresma, Jordences Villasan, and Dannes Serrano.

Bagong Pilipinas on People's Television Network in the Philippines (PTV)

Pocholo demonstrates that he was a teacher in his own right by founding CreatiVoices Production, the only online voice-over company at the time, and establishing "Voicewrx," a voice acting workshop under CreatiVoices Production with him as an exclusive mentor.

"For the longest hindi alam kung sino nasa likod ng mga telenovela at hindi rin alam ng mga tao kung paano sila magiging mga dubbers, voice talent, [Voicewrx] is the only chance ng mga aspiring at magagaling na voice talent na mapasok ang industriya", the VoiceMaster said.

The Voice Masters League is Pocholo's way of welcoming everyone into the Voice Acting Industry. Its main advocacy is to teach voice artistry to passionate and aspiring voice artists.

The VocieMaster with the Voice Masters League

According to Jordences Villasan, a member of VML, conducting this type of workshop is difficult. He claimed that the directors have a "verbal kutos" culture that benefits their craft. It is critical to delivering the dialogues effectively when portraying a character. “Napakahirap niya kasi kailangan ma “invibe” mo siya sa sarili mo,” he explained.

If there is one thing that the graduates of "Voicwrx" remember, it is most likely the word "alaga."Dannes Serrano, a VML member, is thankful that the mentors teach and guide them to protect their voices. “At ngayon naman bilang Voice Masters League tinuruan naman kaming mag alaga ng iba,” he said.

Dannes Serano on the word alaga

The Voice Master proudly said that Filipinos are among the best when it comes to dubbing foreign television shows. "Isa tayo sa pinaka magaling mag English na lahi na kaya mag adapt sa English," he explained.

After a decade of operation, the school has produced over 1,000 graduates and hundreds of voice artists. Almost 90% of the country's voice talent and voice dubbers came from the Philippine Voice Acting Center.

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