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Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Voice Master speaks at Freedom Summit Global 2020

 Freedom Summit Global 2020 held a three-day seminar starting from 12th until 13th of June 2020 with the theme: Season 2: Road to Freedom #NewNormal. They’ve invited 36 speakers from all over the world and Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to talk about “Voice Leadership-The Power of Influential Voice Leadership”. 

The Voice Master started with showing the audience a video about Voice Leadership.

The video shared 3 noteworthy facts about the voice that every leader should understand:

Fact #1: Your voice gives meaning to your communication.
Fact #2: The “wrong” voice may be costing you money, or even your business or career. 

Fact #3: Your voice is your choice. 

The Voice leadership program was then introduced as a learning program that helps leaders to increase their influence by developing their voice and communication skills. 

He welcomed the audience to the program and started his talk. There are a lot of speakers that have good intentions but are not believable because of their voice. He also said our voice reveals a lot about us. We judge people based on how their voice sounds. This includes their gender, age, geography, education, emotional state, authenticity, and how we feel about the person we’re speaking to. 

Pocholo also tackled vocal image. A vocal image is the image that comes to people’s minds when they hear your voice. Is your voice congruent to the image you want to convey? 

According to him, there are three problematic voices:

  1. Breathy voice

  2. Nasal voice

  3. Gravelly voice (husky)

But then he also gave 3 keys to bring out the Leader’s Voice. 

Key #1: Breathing

A breathy voice is problematic but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t breathe. Breath is the fuel of the voice. 

Breath is essential to harness the next 2 keys in bringing out the Leader’s voice. 

Key #2 Volume

To make the audience better understand the concept, he shared a clip from the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 where Po was shouting something to Lord Shen but he couldn’t hear him clearly. The Voice Master said that what we can learn from this scene is that no matter how good your message is if you’re not heard, the message wouldn’t matter. 

Volume is all about projection. Volume is not really about how loud or soft your voice is but more about how you project. He shared that Voice projection is very different from shouting. Shouting is loud and shrill, your body is tensed, and it is powered by forcing louder sounds from the throat while projecting is strong and clear, the body is relaxed and it is powered by air pressure from the chest. 

Key #3: Tone/Musicality

Tone is the quality of your voice. The color you add to your message. 

After giving the 3 Keys to bringing out the leader’s voice, he then explained the program V.O.I.C.E. (Versatile, Open, Incredible, Credible, and Enthusiastic) Leadership. It is a training and mentoring for leaders with a Vision: “To build a nation where leaders speak with integrity, respect, and love.” and a Mission: “To develop leaders whose voice express their truth with dignity and respect.”

In the end, he shared one of his Pochology, “Our voice is the greatest gift from God. How we use it will be our greatest gift back to God.” After that, he answered some of the questions posed by the audience. 

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