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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pochology Academy Hosts Miss Masbate Province 2017 Talent Competition

On April 19, Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales hosted the Ms. Masbate Province 2017 Talent Competition, together with the Voice Care Queen, Ada Cuaresma. Fifteen beautiful and talented Masbatenas vied for the Ms. Masbate Province crown, which was awarded in 2016 to former Pinoy Big Brother “housemate,” Kisses Delavin.

Hundreds of Masbatenos, young and old, flocked to the Masbate Provincial Capitol to witness the Talent Competition. The event opened with the introduction of the candidates and the Board of Judges. Pocholo energized the crowd by showcasing his own talent in voice acting and doing a repertoire of character voices, as well as voice impressions of famous politicians and celebrities. The crowd was left amazed and in awe, as he performed a one-man radio drama from one of the classics, Gabi ng Lagim.

Inspirational messages were shared by Masbate’s Vice Governor, Atty. Kaye Revil, and Congresswoman Olga Kho. Both of them reminded the audience that the pageant is not just a competition, but also a reminder of what it means to be a true Masbateno.

One by one, Ms. Masbate Province candidates took the stage to showcase various talents. Some candidates performed different kinds of dances, while others did an acting monologue. Other candidates showcased unique talents such as painting, karate, and baton twirling. The Board of Judges tabulated the scores to award the top 3 Best in Talent.

The Talent Competition also featured the final walk of the reigning Ms. Masbate Province – former PBB Housemate Kisses Delavin. Pocholo entertained the crowd once more by doing a voice impression of Kuya, as Big Brother is more popularly known.

After her walk, she remained onstage for a quick interview by the hosts. Kisses shared a very inspiring message, on achieving and never giving up on one’s dreams. She also assured the audience that she would always look forward to coming home to Masbate no matter where her dreams may take her. In this tangent, Pocholo also shared his own words of wisdom as a Filipino motivational speaker, and challenged the audience to not only be inspired but to become an inspiration to their fellow Filipinos as well.

The Ms. Masbate Province 2017 Pageant Night happened on April 21, where the winners were crowned – Ms. Monreal Rose Lagamayo as 2nd Runner Up, Ms. Placer Rose Marie Barrun as 1st Runner Up, and Ms. Uson Vanna Vefsie Discaya as Ms. Masbate Province 2017.

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