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Monday, February 19, 2018

The VoiceMaster Inspires Young Leaders in Cabuyao, Laguna

The Liga ng mga Barangay sa Pilipinas – Cabuyao City Chapter conducted a citywide Youth Congress on February 17 at Queen Aurora’s Garden Resort. Over 200 young people represented the 18 towns of Cabuyao, to learn about the importance of personal development, community building and public service. The seminar also featured inspirational talks from the country’s most sought-after speakers, including Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.
The VoiceMaster Speaks at the Cabuyao Youth Congress
Pocholo’s powerful presentation centered around how to find one’s purpose in life. He began with a quick energizer to liven up the crowd, then followed it up with the story of how he became the VoiceMaster of the Philippines. He shared how he started as a voice artist and a youth advocate at the young age of 16, and the challenges he had to overcome to build his brand, his name and his legacy in the world of voice acting. Pocholo also showcased his voice acting prowess by doing several voice impressions of cartoon characters and famous celebrities.
The VoiceMaster inspires through the language of the youth
Pocholo then transitioned his talk to the topic of purpose – its definition, and how a person can find out his life purpose by answering 5 simple questions. He related these questions to his own journey on how he discovered his purpose, and how he maximized the gift of his voice not only in voiceovers and dubbing but also in broadcasting and motivational speaking. He encouraged the participants to discover their passion and skills, and design their life where their passion and skills can positively impact their fellow youth.
The VoiceMaster grants scholarships to talented singers during the seminar
Pocholo called volunteers from the audience who would like to showcase their talent in singing. Three young ladies went on stage to impress the audience with their golden voice. Pocholo awarded scholarships to these students to his singing school, Artist League Manila.

Pocholo ended his presentation by having the participants write a letter to their “future self”. For a few minutes, the participants reflected on their dreams, visions, and goals, and wrote a letter to the older version of themselves to congratulate them for having realized those dreams.
The VoiceMaster inspires young leaders of Cabuyao Laguna
Pocholo shared the stage with his fellow Filipino motivational speaker and a good friend, Pambansang Inspirasyon Lloyd Luna.

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