The VoiceMaster Recognized As One Of The Ten Outstanding Men Of The Gawad Mariveleño Award---A Special Award From His Hometown - The Best Filipino Motivational and Inspirational Speaker | The VoiceMaster of The Philippines

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The VoiceMaster Recognized As One Of The Ten Outstanding Men Of The Gawad Mariveleño Award---A Special Award From His Hometown

The VoiceMaster received the Gawad Mariveleño Award with officers from Brgy. San Carlos, Mariveles, Bataan

A hero is always welcomed and celebrated in his hometown no matter how far he has achieved and traveled around the world. This is true with another recognition bestowed on The VoiceMaster, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales as he received the Ten Outstanding Men for the Gawad Mariveleño Award last February 16, 2019.

Promotional Poster for the Award Ceremony

The award-giving body from the Council of Barangay San Carlos, Mariveles, Bataan underwent a rigid process to rightfully select the winners for this year's award. The following are their approved criteria for nomination:

-Aged between 21 and above
-A Filipino citizen
-A resident of Mariveles for 10 years and above
-Distinguished in his or her field of specializations
-Has a well-balanced personality that is worthy of emulation
-Committed to the promotion of well-being and upliftment of the citizens of Mariveles
-Possesses a pioneering spirit as evidenced by projects that she has initiated in the service of our town
-Has no deregatory record in the community and in any organization where the nominee belongs

The huge plaque of recognition for The VoiceMaster

JCI Bataan extended their warm greetings to The VoiceMaster in a public statement, "
Congratulations to the founder of JCI Bataan: JCI Makati Past President Pocholo De Leon Gonzales for being recognised last night as one of the Most Outstanding Men of Mariveles.

You are a true change catalyst and an exemplar of an impactful motivator, Pres Choy!". It was also the initial action of Gonzales that steered JCI Bataan to be a rising chapter in JCI Philippines.

A remarkable moment awarding a former young boy from Mariveles, Bataan fulfilling his dreams to be The VoiceMaster

The award ceremony took place on the Mariveles People's Park for the Gabi ng Parangal Gawad Mariveleneo. It was one of the best highlights of the 74th Liberation Day of Mariveles, Bataan.

As The VoiceMaster always remembers to return to his hometown for initiative projects involving CreatiVoices Productions and JCI Makati, this award is only a testament to his generous golden heart to share, give back, and be grateful from where he came from.

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