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Friday, October 25, 2019

The Long and Fulfilling Journey: CreatiVoices Productions Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

Time flies so fast especially when you’re doing things out of love and passion just like how they do it in CreatiVoices Productions. It’s not an easy road as there are challenges arising from circumstances. Let’s take a quick look back at the journey of CreatiVoices Productions.
First VoiceWorx Class Ever Held

Planting the Seed of Dream and Hope

The VoiceMaster, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, started his dream of establishing a voice-over production company through Univoicesal Productions. It didn’t become successful as he was still learning the ropes of entrepreneurship. In his second attempt to fulfilling his dream, he founded CreatiVoices Productions on October 25, 2005, with his last remaining savings to pay for the then P10,000 monthly rent, a USB microphone, and a laptop. 
VoiceWorx Batch 18
The VoiceMaster, determined to continue his passion and fulfill dreams for more aspiring VO artists, has grown this company to being an in-demand VO production house for local and global clients. Filipino VO artists under CreatiVoices Productions have worked with SEGA for their arcade games, Toei Animation for their dubbing episodes, The International Bible Society for their audiobooks, and many other global clients.

Rewarding Transformation

CreatiVoices Productions not only become a profitable business for the succeeding years after its establishment last 2005. It became the vehicle for fulfilling dreams of every aspiring VO artist, regardless of their educational background and socioeconomic status. 

Through CreatiVoices Productions, it became possible for the VoiceMaster to be “The Man Behind a Thousand Voices” because of the numerous dreamers which have grown and become successful. Thousands of those who once dreamed, have successfully immersed in the VO industry and its related field because of the opportunities and exposures that they gained from the company.

A Peek Into The Future

CreatiVoices Productions started with the vision of becoming a center of excellence of voice-acting for the entire South-East Asia community. Heading to 2030, the VoiceMaster envisions it to be the center of excellence for voice-acting on a global scale. This vision will further propel everyone behind CreatiVoices Productions to work hard and pursue the best.

Congratulations on reaching 14 years, CreatiVoices Productions! May this serve as an inspiration to reach new milestones in more years to come!

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