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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The VoiceMaster Judges the Live Audition Finale of the FHMoms Radio DJ Hunt

On October 2, 2020, FHMoms Radio held its Radio DJ Hunt Live Audition Finale via YouTube and Facebook Live. The event was conducted in preparation for the launching of the FHMoms Radio on October 12, 2020. Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales invited as a guest judge at the FHMoms Radio DJ Hunt: Live Audition Finale. 

Pocholo shared the judging criteria as stated:

Clarity of voice - 20%

Fluency - 10%

Spontaneity - 15%

Engagement and rapport - 15%

Presentation - 20%

Communication skills - 20%

At the start of the event, Pocholo met the aspiring radio DJs, Mommy Ruf, Mommy Ava, Mommy Kate, Mommy Hannah, Mommy Ann, and Mommy MJ, who showed off their talents. From a previous student of the Voicemaster to a former flight attendant, the participants shared their story on how they learned about FHMoms DJ Hunt.

Among the six finalists, the winner will receive a microphone set, FHMoms Customer Service, Skillsuccess Courses, and the chance to be coached exclusively by the VoiceMaster himself.

Before the audition itself, Pocholo explained that with how the entertainment industry is now online-based, organizations of content creators like FHMoms are a big help in lending a hand to aspiring artists and influencers. He also gave some tips on how to make their mark on the industry. “Authenticity and consistency will always be the key [to success]. So kailangan consistent ka sa ginagawa mo kasi you can not fake consistency,” he added.

At the start of the live audition, Pocholo tested the mom participants by giving them situations where they can show off their talents as the future FHMoms Radio DJ. First to shine at the virtual stage was Mommy Ava, followed by Mommy Ruf, Mommy Hannah, Mommy Kate, Mommy Ann, and last but not least is Mommy MJ. Before announcing the winner, Pocholo delivered good news to the contestants, he shared that to give everyone an opportunity, he will sponsor all the mom participants in the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP). In the end, it was Mommy Ruf Valera who won as the first DJ in FHMoms DJ Hunt.

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