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Monday, May 17, 2021

The VoiceMaster Speaks about Voice Acting at Raket Science

Raket Science is one of the programs at One Ph that aims to help the viewers explore the different ways on how they can earn with the right financial mindset. Hosted by Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan, the program airs every Saturday from 11 AM onwards. On October 31, 2020, Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was featured on the segment of the show, Online Jobs, Trabaho, atbp. (OJT), to talk about the art of voice acting. 

Voice acting has become synonymous with the name Pocholo Gonzales. CEO of CreatiVoices Productions and founder of VoiceWorx and Voice Act Now workshops that have already produced more than 2,000 graduates, Pocholo has been know to be the man behind a thousand voices. 

At the beginning of the show, Chinkee asked Pocholo about the current situation of the voice acting industry in the Philippines. The VoiceMaster answered truthfully, saying that due to the pandemic, the industry has changed where voice artists are now recording in their homes instead of studios. He explained that at the start of the pandemic, he organized multiple webinars to help aspiring and veteran voice artists shift from the traditional art of voice acting to the online artistry, where there is a need for a home recording studio to produce quality outputs.

Pocholo used this transition to introduce the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), the first-ever online voice workshop, which has helped produce the new generation of online voice artists. With him as exclusively mentoring in the program and other leading voice artists, CVAP aims to reach out to starting voice artists and experienced talents in the current online-based industry. 

In CVAP, the first thing students learn from the VoiceMaster is knowing their purpose in life instead of actual voice acting. He asks them evaluative questions like why do they want to do it to assess themselves and find another reason than financial gain. Pocholo inspires his students on developing themselves by not making money their motivation and explaining that it will follow if they create value for themselves.

Pocholo happily shared to Chinkee that the workshop has already produced more than 150 graduates who are now making their mark in the industry. However, he made clear that he teaches his students to keep their day jobs as voice acting should be treated as an art. “In our group, CVAP and CreatiVoices, we promote voice acting as an art and to use our voices to create positive change,” he explained.

When asked what kind of opportunities are there for those in the industry, Pocholo excitedly talked about how the shift to online platforms gave voice artists a venue for freely improving their skills with their strategies in providing excellent outputs to their clients. “Unlike before, TV and radio lang ang means of entertainment, ngayon online na so karamihan po ng mga voice artists ngayon, sila po ang gumagawa ng mga AVP,  yung mga online voice overs for commercials, mga animations po, mga dinudub po na makikita sa Youtube, sa Facebook, at sa mga shows na kailangan po ng English and Tagalog voice overs” he added.

With the knowledge from CVAP, a good microphone, and a home studio, Pocholo assured Chinkee that the students have a chance to compete in the once monopolized world of voice acting. “Dati po sa recording studio hahanap ng voice talent, ngayon sa Facebook na or sa mga groups… naging open na po yung landscape, na-equalize na kumbaga, nalevel na yung field sa mga voice talents.”

In the aspect of income, Pocholo discussed that it depends on the project and given opportunity. However, he clarified that most of the time, they work on the budget provided by the clients as their capital is their voice. 

When challenged to do a voiceover on the tagline of the show “kitang-kita ang kita”, the VoiceMaster amazed Chinkee with his repertoire of character voices in delivering a short skit about the program. 

At the end of the show, Pocholo talked about how raketistas can use their voice to build their identity while earning. He encouraged everyone to visit the Facebook Page of CreatiVoices Productions and the Certified Voice Artist Program as they are most responsive there. 


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