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Friday, May 14, 2021

The VoiceMaster Conducts one-on-one Mentorship on Go Negosyo Mentor Me Online

Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (Go Negosyo) launched Mentor Me Online which aims to virtually help aspiring entrepreneurs steer their businesses to success amid the pandemic. Held every Mondays to Fridays on Facebook, with morning and afternoon sessions, the program offers free one-on-one business mentorship with top Philippine business executives and Go Negosyo mentors.

 Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales is one of the entrep-mentors on Go Negosyo, who was featured in the program Mentor Me Online on July 10, 2020. He shared his expertise as an experienced entrepreneur with the mentees and discussed the 12 Qualities and Mindsets of the Entrepreneur.

The first mentee was Vaughn Jaden Nebla, a senior high school student who wants to turn his passion for baking sweet treats into a business. He shared that even when he was young, his parents and relatives would support his little business venture. “Tuwing may handaan po dito samin, expect na po na many manggagaling na cake sakin.”

On the live session, Vaugn sought the VoiceMaster’s advice on how to financially handle a business today amid the pandemic where all transactions are done online. Pocholo first taught Vaugh the importance of branding and establishing his business’ presence online as this will serve as an effective platform to market his product and ultimately help him with the finances.

Pocholo also shared that to have a successful business venture, one should not focus on the financial gain but on what his business can provide for the people. “Walang masamang kumita ng pera, ang masama [ay] kung pera ang naging motivation mo para gawin ang isang bagay” he added. Pocholo explained that the question one should be asking when starting a business is how can they serve their purpose and turn their passion into a career.

Rosie Tañon, an online retailer, also consulted the VoiceMaster on how to successfully establish her online business now that almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. The increasing number of online sellers worries her as she sees it as also an increase in competitors. Pocholo explained that people tend to copy what is proven successful, and when they saw the prosperity in online business many started their own. He emphasized that what is important is that she knows her core competencies in entrepreneurship and what makes her business different from her competitors’. 

Rosie also asked the VoiceMaster for some tips and strategies on how to grow her online business. Pocholo answered this simply by saying that the key to advancement and development is perseverance. “Wala naman talaga sekreto kundi pagtyatyaga lang talaga” he explained. In the end, he urged Rosie to evaluate herself on what she really wanted to do and what would make her happy. According to Pocholo, this will guide her to prosperity. “Kasi wala akong pwede sayong sabihin na magandang negosyo maliban dun sa gusto mong gawin, ikaw lang ang sasagot nyan sa sarili mo” he added.

After mentoring Vaugn and Rosie, Pocholo gave a lecture on the 12 Qualities and Mindsets of the Entrepreneur. He emphasized the need to have these qualities and mindsets not just when starting an enterprise but also in one’s every venture in life. 

12 Qualities and Mindsets of the Entrepreneur:

  1. They don’t do it for the money. 

  2. They are not afraid to fail.

  3. They focus on a single goal or purpose.

  4. They have a mentor.

  5. They understand the why.

  6. They dream big dreams but often start small.

  7. They prioritize.

  8. They know they can’t do everything.

  9. They have faith they will succeed.

  10. They understand, “it does not have to be perfect”.

  11. They avoid negative people.

  12. They never stop learning.

Before ending his lecture, he came back to Vaughn and asked him what he learned in the program. At first, Vaughn expressed his gratitude for Pocholo and the team at Go Negosyo for teaching him that business is not all about monetary gain but the entrepreneur’s journey to finding his passion and purpose in life. 

Pocholo concluded his presentation on the 12 Qualities and Mindsets of the Entrepreneur with an impactful quote that shifts how one's outlook on life and entrepreneurship, “make your passion as your motivation, P.E.R.A. where P for passion and purpose, E stands for enthusiasm and energy, R for responsibility and resourcefulness, and A for ability and availability.”

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