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Saturday, July 10, 2021

The VoiceMaster Speaks at DILG Region IV-A

On June 11, 2021, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) IV-A CALABARZON held a Training on VoiceOver in the New Normal. Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to be a resource speaker at the event.

The VoiceMaster began the workshop with an energizer, which made the participants even more excited for the rest of the training. The session started with inspirational touch, as Pocholo emphasized what Ariel Iglesia, one of the organization's heads, said in his opening remarks, "time is of the essence."

He relates this to the timeliness of capacity building, where the skill and artistry of voice-over are recognized as one of the most important tools in public speaking and expressing oneself.

Of course, Pocholo didn’t pass up the chance to showcase his voice acting talent and did several voice impressions of cartoon characters, celebrities, and famous personalities.

The VoiceMaster also told the story of his journey in the world of voice acting and at the same time his work in the government. He shared his humble beginnings and the challenges he experienced when he was starting and further revealed how the challenges and frustrations he encountered propelled him to establish his company and voice acting school. He also quoted Danilo Suarez in one of their conversations about the world of politics, "ang pinakakinatatakutan ng isang pulitiko ay ang huli nyang araw sa pwesto because respect is only reserved to the position, and not to the person."

Pocholo continued the workshop by sharing a video showing what is inside a recording studio and the types of equipment needed in building one's own recording studio at home. Aside from this, he also explained the pros and cons of the equipment, resulting in a thorough discussion of what the audience should and should not invest in creating their home recording studio.

After the video, Pocholo opened the floor for questions from the audience. Some of them asked about the need for basic equipment such as headphones and what kind of headset is the most suitable for online meetings and seminars, which the VoiceMaster graciously answered. He explained that the best tools they should invest in are an audio interface and condenser mic that has an input for a headset.

Pocholo also emphasized the importance of the human voice saying, "the human voice is the only human element in technology" and "the only thing that technology can't duplicate is the human emotion." He explained that this is what he wants to teach to the attendees.

The second video that Pocholo played for the training is a brief clip that allows the audience to take a sneak peek into the world of voice acting. The clip features some of the voice artists recording and dubbing anime and other projects. It shows the training they go through before graduating from Pocholo's program, the VoiceWorx. It also shows a brief interview of the graduates on how the program helped them and change their lives.

Dennis Antenor Jr's video was also featured in the training. In the video, Dennis, the Official Voice of the Philippines, talked about the future of voiceover in the country. He emphasized that one of the most beautiful sounds in this world is the human voice. Dennis left the attendees with the message “do something different,” as it is the bottom line of the principle of success in the voice acting industry. 

Pocholo preceded by sharing the important tips in developing character voices, proper voice care, voice values, and the basic aspects and elements everyone needs to know in voice acting.
In the afternoon session, breakout rooms for groupings were created and Pocholo allowed the attendees to perform tasks like storytelling and creating radio drama. After every performance, the VoiceMaster gave tips for improvement. 

In the end, Pocholo left the audience with his Pochology “Availability is the best ability,” and challenged the participants to seize opportunities for them to become young entrepreneurs.

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