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Monday, May 22, 2023

Empowering Toyota Manufacturing Trainers: A New Chapter Unveiled at Trainers' Convention

Empowering Toyota Manufacturing Trainers: A New Chapter Unveiled at Trainers' Convention

In honor of HRD Month, Toyota's headquarters in Sta. Rosa, Laguna was buzzing with excitement as it played host to the MFG (Manufacturing) Trainers' Convention on May 20, 2023. Held in the grand TASC Guest Lounge, the convention carried the thought-provoking theme, "Transcend the Ordinary: The Art of Personal Transformation," aimed at igniting the passion within the hearts of Toyota MFG trainers and fostering a culture of self-development.

Pocholo Gonzales, fondly known as "The VoiceMaster," graced the occasion as the distinguished guest speaker, bringing a surge of energy and motivation to the event. He took the stage after the opening ceremonies, launching the convention's learning session with a burst of enthusiasm. The VoiceMaster shared his own inspiring journey to becoming one of the most celebrated speakers in the country, and introduced his principle of the "A.C.E. Communicator"—an acronym for authenticity, creativity, and enthusiasm. He urged the trainers to push beyond the conventional boundaries of training and public speaking, to strive for authenticity and creativity, and to become effective communicators.

The VoiceMaster training the Toyota Manufacturing Team

Following a short refreshment break, the convention resumed with Ada Cuaresma, a skilled orator who was trained by Pocholo himself in the art of training and public speaking. Ada dove into two key topics—building trainers' confidence and ensuring trainee engagement. Through an interactive workshop, she shared tips for mastering the art of messaging to boost trainers' confidence in their delivery. She also introduced tools to make training sessions more interactive, thus increasing engagement among adult learners.

As the event came to a close, Toyota's Executive Vice President Yasuhiro Kutsuki delivered powerful closing remarks, reminding the trainers that "It is better to fail than to not try."

Toyota's Executive Vice President Yasuhiro Kutsuki

Pocholo also encouraged the audience to understand and celebrate their uniqueness, which includes recognizing and appreciating the distinctive qualities, characteristics, talents, skills, and experiences that set each individual apart from others. This process involves six key aspects:

1. **Self-awareness**: Recognizing one's own values, beliefs, emotions, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and personal experiences.

2. **Identity and Personality**: Acknowledging the unique set of characteristics that define each individual's identity and personality.

3. **Talents and Skills**: Understanding one's own blend of skills and talents, which are often developed through formal education, training, and real-world experiences.

4. **Values and Beliefs**: Acknowledging the principles and ideas that guide behavior and decisions, reflecting personal morality, ethics, and outlook on life.

5. **Experiences**: Recognizing how past and present experiences shape each individual's unique perspective and worldview.

6. **Goals and Aspirations**: Understanding that personal and professional dreams and ambitions are also part of one's unique identity.

By understanding and valuing their own uniqueness, individuals can build self-esteem, make informed decisions, set meaningful goals, and form fulfilling relationships. This lifelong process of self-discovery and personal growth not only contributes to personal success, but also to a positive societal impact by highlighting what each individual can uniquely offer.

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