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Monday, October 21, 2019

The VoiceMaster Trains Philippine Cultural College and Manila Teachers About Voice Care and Voice Leadership

The VoiceMaster, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, delivered a very helpful talk to the teachers of Philippine Cultural College and Manila last October 19, 2019, regarding Voice Care and Voice Leadership.

Teaching Teachers of Manila

The actively listening teachers listened to these strategies and tips which they can effectively use for their noble profession. As for Voice Care, the VoiceMaster had been an advocate of how people can properly handle their voice especially those who need it in their everyday work including these teachers. Voice Care isn’t simply the treatment when one’s voice becomes hoarse or worse conditions, but daily habits and lifestyle to ensure the voice will always be properly taken care of.

Voice Leadership is another important aspect that the teachers can use to make their pedagogy methods more effective, regardless of who their audiences are. It is establishing their authority while remaining encouraging and warm especially to their beloved students. The VoiceMaster added easy-to-follow tips as well as how they can motivate the Gen-Z students(born after 2000s), to keep their lessons interesting while marking their impact on them.

The first part of the talk was spearheaded by a motivational speaker, AI Ian Barcelona. It was a significant talk as part of the AIB Training. Andrew San Fernando, an iFM 93.9 DJ, also graced the event. Both Barcelona and San Fernando shared their insights and expertise with these dedicated teachers.

The VoiceMaster recognizes the generation gap to these Gen-Z students but encourages teachers these kids also want to be listened to and be driven in their goals. Hence, this is why Voice Leadership will be more effective and useful to establish rapport and help these students maximize learning. The Philippine Cultural College and Manila teachers are grateful for this very insightful talk shared by the VoiceMaster. 

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